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Atkins Diet is for the younger set

by Lilia St. Jacques

The one diet that I have had good luck with is Atkins Diet. If I exercise along with dieting, I generally have great results.

I started going on Atkins occasionally after my first child was born. Back then I could drop the weight easily. It seems that the flab would just fall off even if I did a few little cheats.

I have found a couple of problems with the Atkins diet. The first is that the food is rather limiting and it does seem criminal not to eat fruit.

The book says that you can always eat something but that is just not true. It’s embarrassing to be treated to pizza and just scrape off the top. I have been to many parties where there was not much on the diet and I was starving.

The next issue I have with Atkins is that after I turned 50, the diet does not seem to work nearly as well. I feel that I am following the same regime as before and cut out the cheats. I make sure that I exercise every day but the weight barely budges.

You must be very careful with Atkins when it comes to your bowels. Make sure that you take psyllium husks. Otherwise, this diet can be extremely uncomfortable.

Another issue with dieting is that artificial sweeteners are really not good for you. Stevia is the best and as my Atkins book is old, I’m not sure that it is embraced by the Atkins diet.

All in all, dieting is a way of life for most of us. I wish someone would come up with a good one for older people that have slower metabolisms.

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