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Atkins Diet is dangerous

by Vinny

I tried the Atkins diet. I was on it for 2 weeks and started losing weight quick.

I only ate heavy meats and pretty much no carbohydrates. I had less than 35 carbs per day. In fact, at first I had no carbohydrates at all.

I also cut out soda, and snack foods like beef jerky. In the end I lost weight quickly, but every one loses weight quickly in the first six weeks of their diet.

By the end of the first week my kidneys started to hurt. Too much protein hurts your kidneys.

I had no carbs in my system to help my kidneys work. Your kidneys need at least 35 carbs a day to work properly.

I ended the diet and quickly gained all of my weight back. I was extremely disappointed with the diet.

I felt sluggish, tired, and like I was eating way too much meat. I eventually got sick of meat and protein.

Diets don’t work, because with diets, you deprive yourself of something for a long time, then you eventually break and binge eat that thing you were resisting.

The thing that worked for me was eating smaller meals more frequently. I was still eating the same amount each day, but this time, I just spread it out across the day.

So at the end of the day, the Atkins diet is dangerous. Its bad for your kidneys. All of the meat fats are bad for your heart, and it makes you feel sluggish and bad.

If you need to lose weight quick in a few days, its great, but its not a good lifestyle change diet.

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