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Atkins Diet is Awesome

by Georgina Smith
(New Hampshire)

I tried the Atkins diet awhile back. I was on it for about 3 months.

I would've been on it longer but I lost all the weight I wanted to lose in those 3 months. I didn't have much to lose.

I was looking to change the way I ate on a long-term basis. So, although I was only on the actual, full Atkins diet for 3 months, it changed the way I ate and viewed food for life.

At first it was hard. I wasn't a HUGE meat eater so eating a lot of meat was challenging for me. But, the added protein in my diet gave me so much more energy.

I also used to eat A LOT of pasta so cutting that out was REALLY hard for me. But once I started eating better, and saw the results, it got MUCH easier.

I wasn't hungry with the diet because I was eating food with a lot of protein so it filled me up. I also did not feel bloated.

I was pretty much able to eat whenever I wanted (as long as I stuck to the “allowed food list”.

I ate almonds and other nuts when I was hungry. That helped. I found out that I needed the “act of” eating more than I needed the food.

The food was GREAT because there were so many options.

There are tons of recipes and ideas in the Atkins book. Finding recipes/things to eat is also easy. There are a lot of Atkins/low carb cookbooks out there now-a-days.

I would recommend the Atkins Diet to others. To this day, I still eat a limited amount of carbohydrates and there is a lot of protein in my diet.

For your FREE copy, click on the book... It's FREE. Not a dime. Zilch. Nada.

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