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Atkins Diet Does Miracles for PCOS Sufferers!

by Michelle
(Oxford, MS, USA)

I am losing weight on Atkins Diet and looking and feeling much better.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) about a year ago and was told by my doctor that my condition was part of the reason I was having problems with my weight.

Evidently, PCOS is a form of insulin resistance and people who have this condition often gain weight easily and find it very hard to lose using conventional methods.

I did online research and found a study from the University of Chicago which said that women who suffered from PCOS could benefit from a low carbohydrate diet. I figured it was worth a try.

In January 2010 I began using the Atkins diet. It was very hard at first to resist the temptation to eat foods with sugars and carbohydrates in them because I am in college and most of the foods I seek out are things I can make and eat quickly and cheaply.

Foods that I was used to eating like pizza, ramen noodles, bread, and sugary sodas were all of a sudden off-limits.

I felt very sluggish for the first 10 days or so because my body was essentially detoxing from all of the sugars I had in my body but after the second week started I began to not only feel better, but to feel wonderful.

My sleep patterns improved drastically and I was no longer tired during the middle of the day.

Not only did I begin to feel better, but the weight fell off quickly.

To date (March 13, 2010) I have already lost 29 pounds.

Although I have quite a bit more to lose, I can honestly say that resisting the temptation to have sweets, bread, pasta, and potatoes is a small price to pay for looking and, more importantly, feeling so much better.

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