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Atkins Diet -- Body Started "Wonking Out"

by Rushenanigear
(San Ramon, CA)

I tried the Atkins diet once. It wasn't really to lose weight, it was mostly because I'd read about it and was concerned about the health issues that would arise from the intake of foods it advised.

Over the course of the week or two I was on the Atkins diet, I didn't lose any weight. Granted, this doesn't say much about the diet, as I weigh only a hundred fifty pounds and it would be fairly difficult for any diet short of a starvation diet to cause me to lose weight in such a short span.

It wasn't very difficult. It was a pain, really, to have to remember, but I'm sure I would've accommodated to that eventually. I enjoy food - especially in a variety - though, so it impinged on that recreational aspect.

There was no issue of feeling hungry or anything, so that was fine. I'm not sure my friends would even have noticed that I was on a diet had I not told them, as I'm a voracious meat eater anyway.

I wouldn't do it again, though. The reason I stopped was because my body started wonking out. I don't know of a more technical way to say that.

It just felt strange and off in a way, with random muscle spasms and shivers and the like. I don't think it was anything life-threatening, but I didn't want to take the risk and wait until it was, so I discontinued my efforts.

Maybe it was a little rushed, but I didn't need to lose weight anyway.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You are one of the fortunate ones that doesn't have a weight problem

There is a good point here, though, which is this: Carbohydrates are essential for life. If you don't have adequate blood sugar you will go unconscious in a very few minutes.

That's why your body has processes that make sugar.

Sugar is not the enemy. But what is the enemy is a diet that is so unbalanced that you become overweight and your health suffers.

Dr. Dan

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