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"Atkins After Baby Delivery"

by Amanda Harris
(Silverdale, Washington)

Whatever your lifestyle Atkins is a great way to lose weight and maintain healthy eating.

After delivering my first child I had gained 40 pounds.

I ate healthy when I was breast feeding. I allowed myself whatever I pleased as long as it was not harmful to my child through breastfeeding and was not high in fat and cholesterol.

I ate a lot of fiber rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. I also had whole grains, wheat, oats, brown rice and drank whole milk.

I slowly lost most of the weight I gained in 2 months.

I stopped breast feeding after two months due to having to return to work. While working full time, I managed to bring foods to work that followed the Atkins Diet.

I ate things such as fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, high protein meats such as steak, chicken, salmon, and occasionally pork.

I avoided foods that are high in sugar and flour, like bread and cookies. I enjoyed snacking on whole nuts, fresh fruit, and beef jerky.

My mom was the person who had highly recommended the Atkins diet to me and she had serious results. So, I took her advice and I'm very satisfied with my current weight of 130 pounds as a result.

I am 5 more pounds then my pre-baby weight but I couldn't be more pleased with myself.

I feel more healthy and energetic while on the Atkins diet than any other diets I have tried earlier in my life. I also introduced exercises such as long walks and jogs up hill and down hill and on uneven nature trails.

I also enjoy running up and down stairs that are on a nature trail. That way when I get to the top or bottom of the trail I can enjoy a peaceful scenic view.

Atkins is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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