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Fast Weight Loss

You answered:
"I have trouble losing weight. I lose and then I gain it all back again."
"It is important to me to lose weight as fast as possible."

Here's what you should know:

Futile attempts at fast weight loss my be your downfall

woman leaning on her hands frustrated about her weight
  • It's treacherous to lose weight too fast.
  • I know how it is. You don't like the way you look. You don't like the way you feel.
  • And you want to solve it RIGHT NOW!!!

The need for speed don't like to diet. It's no fun. You don't get to eat what you want. You're hungry.

So you want a fast diet so you can get the weight off, and then you can go back to eating all the foods that make you fat.

OK. That's normal enough to feel that way. So what do you do? You decide the answer is to start another diet.

Well, that sounds good. Another diet -- get the weight off. But that might not be the best thing for you to do.

In fact it might keep you from ever being able to be at a good weight and stay there.

Why? Well, lot's of reasons.

Why dieting doesn't work

First, for really fast weight loss you have to starve yourself. And when you starve yourself your metabolism drops.

Why does it do that? Because your body thinks it has to hold on to everything you eat. Your body doesn't know when you might get to eat again.

It doesn't realize that the refrigerator is full and that Pizza delivery is just a phone call away.

No, these human bodies developed over thousands of years. When there wasn't enough food. When people did starve.

And the ones that didn't starve -- YOUR ancestors -- learned how to store fat. So they had energy for the lean times.

So you have them to thank. Your line survived. And here you are and the easiest thing for you to do is to store fat.

Who wants to be hungry?

Second, when you are on a fast weight loss diet you are hungry all the time. Basically you're starving yourself.

And when you starve yourself you're always hungry. You get those awful food cravings. That's normal.

So of course it's miserable to diet. Who wants to be hungry?

You are trained to fail

Third, fad diets and crash diets teach you the wrong things. You haven't learned to eat right or to do the other things that are needed to keep the weight off.

It's not that hard to lose weight. You've done it before.

The headlines scream: "LOSE 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS!!!!!"

Fine. You can lose 15 pounds in 7 days this year -- and gain it back-- and lose 15 pounds in 7 days next year -- and gain that back, and maybe gain even more -- and then do it again, and again, and...

So what's the solution?

The hard part isn't taking it off. The hard part is keeping it off.

And the way you keep it off is to make some changes in you -- changes in your life and the way you live.

Dieting won't keep the weight off. But basic changes in what you eat, when you eat it, what you do with your time -- these really add up to the perfect diet. And these things will keep the weight off.

But you have to be more patient.

Well, you get the point. You can lose it once, a pound or so each week. And not starve. And keep it off.

That's 50 pounds in the next year. That you can lose and keep off forever. That's really the best weight loss plan for you.

So you see, there are some choices to make. And those choices will determine how you end up.

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