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It's Not Your Genes

"I just wish I had been born skinny..."

You answered:
"I have always been a little heavier than I would like to be."
"I am overweight but most of my family is at a good weight. "

Here's what you can do to lose weight:

Are you truly overweight?

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  • You say you have always been heavier than you would like to be.
  • First, are you really overweight? Is your weight causing you problems?
  • Our modern culture sends a lot of messages about weight, and many of them aren't healthy.
  • Take a look at some of the movie stars and models. They starve themselves until they are skin and bones, and it still isn't enough.
  • And a lot of people end up thinking they are overweight because they don't look like a model. Read further and be sure to follow the links for more information on what you can do...

Beautiful bodies

Well, the best bodies are not the super-skinny models. You want to see a nice body, look at a gymnast or a sprinter.

Those sprinters are muscle-on-muscle. They're like Tarzan, lean, sexy, strong. Not super skinny.

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The numbers tell the story

So first, figure out if you are actually overweight. Figure out your body mass index. If you are above the normal range then you know the answer to that.

You should probably measure your waist size too. You can keep track of that and it will tell you when you are losing fat and developing more lean tissue.

Now, since most of your family doesn't have a weight problem it is likely that it's not your genes. If that case, you are more fortunate than some people.

And since you've always been overweight it might be lifelong habits that are making you fat.

Getting your body to move

Are you active enough?

If you are overweight and you watch too much television then you only have yourself to thank. Life was not meant to be spent in front of a TV set. Or in front of a computer. Or video games. Or just sitting. Anywhere.

Are you walking every day? If not you'd better get to it. Or better yet, how about some real cardio? It will keep you young. At any weight you will be healthier if you are physically fit.

What about your diet?

And maybe tighten up on the diet a little. There is some part of your diet that needs improvement. Start by looking for hidden calories that ruin your waistline.

And then make sure you know the basics of nutrition so you can develop a diet that's good for you. If you start with these simple steps you'll be on your way to taking off those extra pounds.

These questions will guide you to personalized help with your weight. Click here to return to the beginning of the questions to start over.

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