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Zumba away that flab!

by Soo Kitchenman

I was watching late night TV in a hotel and saw Zumba advertised. I have to admit the advert looked very cheesy, but I thought - why not?!

Zumba is a salsa dance DVD that you can do in the comfort of your own home. The first DVD is the basic steps you need to know. From then on it is intense dancing that is actually fun!

Each dance is about 5 minutes long. So by the time you start to get bored of one song, it moves on to the next. The songs are also very fun Latino mixes.

I was in awful shape when I started Zumba and could only manage about 10/15 minutes of the DVD. I can now manage the whole DVD and I am about to move on to the next DVD which is called Rapido!

I am not a person who likes to go the gym, so this is perfect for me as I can do it whenever I have a spare hour.

When I was ill, I lost motivation, but coming back to it, it was just as easy as before as there are step by step instructions for the moves.

It is very good exercise for doing at home and great for your hips and bum!


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Dance is a very good way to get in shape and lose weight. It is fun and energizing.

And especially in dances like salsa that get your hips moving, you can really shape up your abdominals.

Dr. Dan

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