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Yummy food, bad for dieters!

by Jenny
(San Diego, California, USA)

In N Out is certainly one of the worst restaurants to eat at while on a diet. Their special sauce and "secret" menu makes the calorie count go through the roof!

Wonderful food when you need comfort, however. And probably one of California's best fast food places.

I only hope I can stay away from it, considering I just went on a diet. Darn you addicting food!

The animal style sauce is delicious, but so bad for you! Dripping with fat, it's like a spawn of Satan himself!

Californian dieters, beware of this place. I have one right near my house, so you can imagine the cravings I get!

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In 'N Out - Definitely the Worst for Dieters
by: Anonymous

I could not agree more with In 'N Out being the worst restaurant for dieters. Their food is very tempting, and just hits the spot when you're craving the best burger ever (animal style, yum!).

But their burgers are huge, you get tons of fries, and overall, the food is highly unhealthy. Altogether, this makes it the worst restaurant to go to if you're trying to lose weight.

Even the theory of boxing up half of the meal before you start eating probably still wouldn't be good enough - the food is pretty unhealthy, and while eating only half would obviously help, it still wouldn't be enough to make the meal healthy by any means.

I have only eaten at this restaurant once, as they don't have them in my state, which is a huge blessing. I ate here while away on a vacation, so I wasn't really on a diet when I ate at In 'N Out. But, I can imagine just one meal there could really ruin a diet.

The only way to prevent this is to plan way ahead, and eat extra clean leading up to eating there. Try to keep the meal as small as possible, and do at least 1 extra workout to make up for the meal.

My personal favorite workouts after a meal like this one would be a workout video, with my favorite for burning calories being any of the videos in the "Biggest Loser" workout series, or else Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - that will kick your butt and burn some serious calories!

Make sure to keep trips to In 'N Out to a minimum - that is the only way to be successful with a diet. You can't eat there regularly and lose weight, in my opinion.

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