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Yay for Weight Watchers!

by Nicole
(New York)

Weight Watchers really works for me. I have fought with my weight since I was about 11 years old. I'm very short, only 4'9", so my weight shows very easily.

Anyway, my typical weight was around 140 pounds, so for my height I really was overweight. It was about 2 months before my wedding that my step mother started weight watchers, and seeing her lose 4 pounds in her first week made me want to try to lose some before my wedding.

The first week or two of doing the Weight Watchers program I was starving!!! It was so hard to stick to.

But the longer I stuck to it, the easier it got. Every week when I went to the meeting to weigh in, it was like I was trying to beat my previous weight. I couldn't wait to see how much I had lost.

With Weight Watchers, there isn't any food that you "can't" eat, as long as it fits within your points. So, eating out was never really a problem.

Now, I did get tempted by desserts that didn't fit into my points, and honestly, I did splurge a few times and go outside of my point allowance, but I'm proud to say that after two and a half months I had lost 24 pounds!

I'm still on weight watchers, and I still love it. I'm currently trying to get down to a weight of 105 or so, and I can't wait until I get there!

For me, Weight Watchers has definitely worked, and I really think that it would work for anyone who actively wanted to change and was willing to stick to it, despite those cravings that creep up on you.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Congratulations on your weight loss success and best wishes on your marriage.

You mention the weekly weigh-ins. There is actually quite a debate about the use of the scale in weight loss and how often you should weigh yourself.

When you're losing weight you shouldn't be overly focused on one thing, and that includes the scale.

However, the more information you have the better. And the scale gives you some information that is accurate and reproducible.

As far as how often to weigh, I recommend every day. Why? Because despite the daily ups and downs in the scale readings, which are normal, if you are on the scale it means you are paying attention to your weight.

It means you still have your eye on your goal. And when you do that you never have one of those experiences where you get on the scale and find you've gained 20 pounds and weren't really aware of it.

Dr. Dan

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