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Worst weight loss food that is pizza

by Sabeena Ibrahim
(Neyveli,Tamil Nadu,India)

Pizza Hut is very worst weight loss Restaurant. It is located many places in our country. I'm writing from India.

In pizza if you have one or two slices only there are very less in calories. It does have many varieties with egg, meat, vegetables.

But meat only has only eighty calories. So where do all the calories come from?

Many of us like pizza very much. But it is very worst in weight reduction.

If someone eats Pizza for daily dinner he will loss all of his strength and gain weight.

Pizza is not good for growing children, because they want more energy to think play and read.

Many of our youth also likes pizza very much because it is very easy to eat and time saving food. But they did not think about their wieght.

So every one must care for their weight. I think Pizza Hut is very worst weight loss restaurant in the world.

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Try and stay away from Pizza
by: Anonymous

I usually stay away from greasy foods in general. Look for sandwich shops or bring someone along to keep you from eating bad.

Rightly said Sabeena!!!
by: Mohit Salviya

I also think Pizzas are too heavy to digest as there are the ingredients which make it to be like this, like pizza base that's too heavy to digest by a normal human body. We need to put out extra effort to burn it.

So all these are the foods that we need to take only occasionally or else burn the food with exercise if you wish to take it on daily basis.

As the famous swimmer Sarah Jane Bohn who loves chocolates very much but burns each and every fat module she collects by swimming.

Mohit Salviya


* When I go to the restaurant I prefer more soups and salads to cut down the extra calories. Mostly veggies.

* I usually do a lot of cycling to burnout the fat and also doing workouts in the gym for at least 2 hours per day.

All the plumpies can become slimmies if they get aversion to foods like pizza and any other stuff with extra calories.

Stay Away From Pizzas
by: phani

Now a days many people choose pizzas as their favorite fast food. It is available in so many restaurants now. But it is not good for our health.

It has bad effects on the digestive system. Because a normal human body doesn?t have the ability to easily digest such fat content food.

It?s really fatty food and it leads to obesity when you eat it daily.

If you eat pizza you have to do some extra exercise. For this reason I started to eat sandwiches which is not as harmful.


Pizzas are Tasty but Fattening
by: Manoj T

Pizzas are no doubt tasty and and more or less form a full meal, however they are terrible for people who plan to go on a diet. Pizzas look so appealing and have such varieties with different toppings being available from onion capsicum to chicken and pork, but what is good for the pallet is not good for the tummy.

I have tried pizzas in Domino which is also as widely available as Pizza huts. The worst is that you don't even have to go there. They specialize in home delivery. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you don't even walk a yard and eat more than you would normally eat. That is the worst thing for your diet. Just forget the telephone number of your nearest Domino if you want to stay fit.

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