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Worst Restaurant in the WORLD!

by Anonymous

Hi! McDonald's is really greasy, oily and VERY bad for you! It might be okay once in a while but if you have it almost ALL the time then you will not be healthy and you will be overweight! So, in my opinion, McDonald's is the worst restaurant in the world! ESPECIALLY, if you are trying to lose weight!

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You hit the nail right on the head
by: Jessica

I agree with you about McDonald's. Even if you don't have it all the time, they always try to suck you in to eating bigger portions.

All the meal deals practically give you the soda or the fries for free so even if you didn't want the burger, soda, AND fries, you end up taking them because they are "practically free".

I somehow can never bring myself to not order the complete meal even when I entered Mickey D's with the best intentions of just having a salad.

My personal advice, which I break at least once every couple of months, is not to go in there at all.

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