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Working It With Weight Watchers

by cathyklay
(Fairfax Station, VA)

I am on my second try with Weight Watchers and it's finally all working! I tried "traditional" Weight Watchers a few years back right after they started the points system. Very little success that time, but now I am losing weight steadily with Weight Watchers on-line.

I think several different aspects are making it work this time. First and foremost, I got my sleeping under control between try 1 and try 2.

I truly do not think you can lose weight if you don't get enough sleep. You end up craving carbs and are more easily bumped off course by food cravings.

Number 2, I like the fact that so much of the point counting is automated. The on-line system is really easy to use and helps pinpoint point values quickly and easily.

I'm also a bit of a computer nerd, which probably helps make the on-line system fun and appealing to me.

My daughter is also using it successfully, and it might especially appeal to younger women who are so used to being on the computer.

Number 3 reason I like it is, NO MEETINGS. I am an introvert and I just didn't like having to go to meetings with a bunch of twittering women.

I also have a very busy schedule, and its just easier for me to do everything on-line.

The weight watcher's system is really excellent at teaching you where the hidden "points" (empty calories) are in your diet, teaching you portion control, encouraging exercise, guiding you to healthier food choices and yet still allowing "eat whatever you want just account for it" flexibility.

I still have an a light beer or two a week, enjoy frozen one-point dessert fairly regularly and don't really ever feel hungry AND I'VE LOST TEN POUNDS IN 5 WEEKS!!

They have a three-month trial membership at a discounted rate, which is nice!

You have to be really, really ready to make changes with any weight loss program and life-style. Long-term changes bring the best results.

That's the Weight Watcher philosophy -- slow and steady, healthy weight loss for life!

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