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WII and Dance Dance Revolution your way to weight loss.

by Adam Nou
(Lakewood CA USA)

I gained a lot of weight when I got a job that requires me to face the computer almost 24/7. The lack of movements makes me feel lazy and tired but I just have no time to exercise.

I probably have a few hours at night but I don't want to spend my precious hours to exercise when I can watch TV relaxing or play computer games (I am a gamer).

But knowing that I am slowly gaining pounds and being a couch potato scares me. So I have to do something about it.

I bought the WII system, after all I am a gamer. So late night, instead of staying up watching TV or playing computer games, I played WII Sport (tennis and boxing) to work on my arms.

I also bought Dance Dance Revolution game, the exact same game that you can play at the arcade. So now I can play games and lose weight at the same time!

I get bored really fast if I do exercise or weight training. But WII and DDR keep me entertained while sweating!

I lost most of my weight playing DDR 30 minutes to an hour play time a day. It encourages me to move and dance in a fun way and everyday I always set my target song and level, calories burned and time played.

At first I started with beginner. That hardly makes you move but I need to slowly learn the steps on the mat and get used to it.

Now a month later, I am already in difficult mode for 1-2 songs and I keep my heart pumping.

I have not weighed myself because I hate scales and numbers. They mean nothing to me.

BUT I measure myself instead. I noticed that my jeans are getting looser and my stomach is disappearing. I do feel much lighter and have more energy than ever.

I am trying to get myself to do Pilates, but I just need more courage on that because as I said, workout program never work for me.

But DDR does work. At least for a gamer like me.

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