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What Is Trans Fat And How Is It Stopping You From Having The Body You Want?

Have you heard of the "killer fats"?

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Trans fats are the "killer fats." They plug up your arteries. They go in and grab on and never let go.

And you should know about them because they make it harder for you to lose weight.

So what is trans fat and where does it come from? Trans fats are artificial. Food companies make them from natural oils.

Why? Because oil tends to spoil. And if you are in the food business that costs you money.

The solution? Take that oil and make it so it can't spoil. Voila -- cash in the bank!

Now, oils are liquids, right? You can pour them out of a cup. So here's what they do. They take the oil and pump it full of hydrogen.

What happens? The oil turns solid. Like margarine. Most margarine (not all) is full of trans fats.

The food companies like trans fats because they are cheap. So it is cheaper to make the food.

Cheap, greasy and sweet

Look for that pattern in your food. The food that sells the most -- the drive through, the junk food -- is cheap, greasy, and sweet. And the big companies make a fortune.

The companies like trans fats because they last a long time. So whatever they make can sit on the shelf longer.

Well, here is something for you to think about -- trans fats last a long time because they don't break down. But they are hard for your body to break down too. So they sit there and they plug up your arteries.

You don't want to eat anything that is hard to break down. You don't want to eat things that last a long time. That's a rule you can follow. Like preservatives. They last forever.

Don't eat food that lasts forever!

That packaged cupcake on the shelf -- you can eat that a year from now and it will probably still be about like it is today. Whoa -- stop! You've got to think about that. A year on the shelf is not normal for a cupcake, see?

So if it lasts a year on the shelf how long does it last in you? Forever, maybe, if it is clogging up the arteries in your beating heart. You don't want that.

What is trans fat used for ?

You get trans fats in some margarine. And in vegetable shortening. You get them in crackers and cookies and packaged food that says "partially hydrogenated" oil. See, it's that "partially hydrogenated" part where they pump in the hydrogen. That changes the good oil to bad.

You find them in packaged food. Cookies. Crackers. Muffins. So look on the label. If it says "partially hydrogenated" you should think twice. And in the United States the newer labels are supposed to list "trans fat" so that will make it easier.

The "trans" is a word from chemistry, and it means "opposite." The word "trans" just tells you about the physical shape of the fats. Trans fats have a bend in them--one end is bent opposite the other end.

The real thing you need to know about trans fats is that they are not good for you. And if you eat them it will be harder for you to lose weight.

Trans fats are not natural -- they are manmade. They are just a cheap substitute for natural oils.

Is it really that bad?

What are the dangers of trans fats? They sabotage your metabolism. They irritate your liver.

They make your cholesterol go haywire. The good cholesterol goes down. The bad cholesterol goes up. And your triglycerides? Sky high.

What about infections? They damage your immune system.

They lead to diabetes. And they can cause blood clots. Is that enough?

But here's the kicker. You are overweight. To get it off you have to break down fat, right? But trans fat is hard to break down. It makes it hard for you to burn up fat.

Eat good, natural, healthy fats

  • Like olive oil.
  • Butter. That's right--butter.
  • Eggs. By the way, do you know where the fat is in an egg? Is it in the white or the yolk? The answer is (don't peak)... The fat in eggs is in the yolks. The white is pure protein.
  • Fish oil.
  • Flax seed oil.
  • And lean meats.

Were you told not to eat the fats on this list? Butter? Eggs? You were told they were bad, right? In fact these natural fats are part of a healthy diet. You should never again let anything but natural fats pass your lips.

Do this and you really will be on your way to losing that extra weight.

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