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What is my goal weight?

by Melaney
(Durban, South Africa)

I need to know what my goal weight is. I am 5' 7½". pear shaped. Small boned at the top and big boned at the hips. My age is 61.

Note from Dr. Dan


There is a large variation for ideal weight, depending on how much lean mass you have. But just based on your height, if your weight was 160 pounds or less your body mass index (BMI) would be in the normal range.

At that weight your body would be burning about 1700 calories per day, or a little more if you were exercising vigorously.

So if you take in fewer calories than that you will tend to lose weight, and if you take in any more you will tend to be overweight. There is more information about calories for weight loss at this link.

Yours truly,

Dr. Dan

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