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What am I doing wrong??

by April
(lilburn ga USA)

I have been working out for about 3 1/2 weeks now. I have had a desk job and since I started working there 3 years ago, and I have gained 15 pounds.

I weigh 145 instead of 130 (my goal weight, I am 5'7").

The back ground on my diet: I only drink water, coke zero, coffee, and Michelob ultra beer (about 2-3 a night).

I eat a high fiber low cal breakfast bar in the morning, tuna mixed with a little lemon juice with a hard boiled egg for lunch and dinner is always grilled meat, chicken or fish with steamed veggies of some sort.

I am careful not to consume more than 1300 calories a day.

My exercise routine is a 20 minute in home walk (Leslie Sansone) video in the mornings and strength training video at night (alternating between abs and legs).

I have not lost ANY weight. What am I doing wrong?

I wake up at 5am to do these exercises. I think maybe the intensity isn't where I need it to be but I thought something was better than nothing.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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desk jobs and weight loss
by: Dr. Dan


It sounds like you are doing some good things. But there are some things with your diet that you might not be aware of.

A breakfast bar is not the way to start your day. You should be having real food. It takes almost no time to make a couple of eggs and some oatmeal.

Two or three beers a night is enough to keep you from ever reaching your goal weight. Do the math and you will see.

And Coke Zero -- like all artificial sweeteners -- causes cravings and increases the appetite. Diet drinks do not help your diet.

If you increase the intensity of your workouts you will be able to eat more and still lose weight.

Good luck,

Dr. Dan

Try cutting back
by: Kaitlin092485

Try cutting back on excising every day. Go for every other day alternating routines. Your body can become used to the same thing everyday very quickly causing your workout to stop working. Try using weights when you exercise, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn sitting still which will help with your office job!

Try eating more fruits and veggies. Black coffee can jump start your metabolism for up to 2 hours but adding cream and sugar reverses that effect. The fake sugar in the soda can also be causing the stall in your weight loss. Try cutting back on the soda & beer and start drinking more water (at least 8 glasses a day)!!

Hope this helps.


Although you are doing well with your exercise routine, I considered that you are falling in some common mistakes about your meals. For example I used to skip breakfast and then I realize is the worst you can do. Instead of a nutritional bar I prefer a good and healthy breakfast. It could be a fruit with some yogurt (fat free if possible) coffee and toast.

I lost 20Lbs by eating six times a day, why is because you make your metabolism work all day long. My tip for you is try to eat more times, fewer quantities and add some carbohydrates in your diet. Just skip all type of sauces even if they claim to be diet. Keep your routine and I know you will start losing weight in no time.

What Am I Doing Wrong
by: Heather

Hi April,

You sound very disciplined, which is all you need to be successful! First of all, you aren't eating enough...1300 calories isn't enough to fuel your body.

Keep doing what you're doing as far as exercise, because you seem to be getting plenty. You might consider switching to something different a couple of days a week. Like you said, the intensity might not be enough. If you tried alternately walking and running a couple of mornings instead of just walking, that might help you. Keep that up until you're doing more running than walking.

As far as the strength training, switch that up occasionally also. Add some push ups, triceps pushups, lunges, some new things you aren't currently doing. Sometimes our bodies need a little shock to get over a plateau.

Now for the eating, please don't get stuck in a rut eating the same types of foods day in and day out. Switch it up a little! Add a couple of snacks in every day. Some fruit, yogurt, a small salad might really do the trick for you. Please drink lots and lots of water. It's time to cut out the Diet Coke, they're not good for you.

I am 5'8" and I used to weigh 184. I now weigh 140 and I've kept it off for five years, so I know it can be done! Good luck April!

Desk job and weight loss
by: Anonymous

Start your day with Yoga and followed by water therapy.
Reduce intake of oily foods, have plenty of vegetables, fruits followed by basic exercises.
If possible walk for short distances instead of driving.
Have three meals a day, one in the morning and one in afternoon and at night.

Hope these things helps you

Sitting for long hours at work place
by: Gowri Kulkarni


Here are few tips for you

Start your day with Yoga and water therapy.
Divide your food intake into three parts in a day.
Make sure your intake consists of Vegetables, fruits and green leaves like Spinach etc.
Consume less oil intake and avoid junk foods.
Take small breaks for a few minutes every hour and do small exercises like moving your hands, legs,and neck.
Go for brisk walk about 30min daily in the evening.
Make sure you have your dinner two hours before you go to bed.
Hope these tips helps you to reduce weight.
Thank you.

ditch the beer!
by: Matt

Well first off I'm going to start with the fact that you're only eating 1300 calories a day! That's not healthy.

The average adult consumes 2000 a day. If your body does not have enough energy to burn off you will not lose weight!

Also ditch the beer in the evening. That is roughly 300-400 calories right there, not to mention all the carbs.

For a work out get a gym membership, 20 minutes workouts at home are rarely enough. When I lost 20 pounds in three months it was an hour at the gym one day and swimming for 30-45 minutes the next day -- Monday-Friday.

So do a little better exercise and lose the beer and it takes time. Usually a few months so be patient and stick with it!

by: Star55

Hi April,
This is a good question and something I have battled with myself. Sitting all day can lead to gaining a little weight and even though you think you're eating healthy you may not be doing everything you can to help yourself out.

For instance I would suggest eating a bigger breakfast. It's the most important start of the day and you wont feel as tired or hungry during the day.

I have discovered myself that changing my exercise routines weekly greatly impacted how I lost my weight. One week walk for a few miles; another do sit ups or push ups or weights. This will help tone the problem areas and help you reach your weight goals! Good luck.

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