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Weight Watcher's Works -- Slowly And Safely

by Bonnie B
(BC, Canada)

A year ago I re-joined Weight Watcher's for the second time. I really do believe in this program and I believe it works if you follow the program.

I first joined Weight Watcher's in 2002 and lost 45 pounds. I am 5'2" and was 205lbs when I started - I think I was as big around as I was tall!

I was very hesitant to join at the beginning as I had halfheartedly tried to loose weight on my own in the past and wasn't successful. Was it worth the money to try a system that I would probably fail at?!

Then I found out a friend of a friend was a member and I went to a meeting with her and it was great!

The secret to Weight Watcher's is to follow the program - eat sensible sized portions of healthy foods and WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

I cannot stress this enough - the most important thing is to track your eating.

It's amazing how much food we consume without even thinking about it. I am also a proponent of attending the weekly meetings - you don't have to actively participate but just be there.

Knowing that others are going through the same struggles you are and are there to help and support you is amazing.

After I had lost the 45lbs I became very complacent with the program - I stopped writing thing down, I stopped staying for the weekly meetings, and when I was consistently gaining weight back I stopped going all together.

About a year ago I woke up one day and realized I had put about 20 lbs back on - how did that happen?!

I started a new job and found out there was a weekly Weight Watchers At Work meeting in my office building. No excuses now. I rejoined and have slowly been taking the weight back off.

Taking off the pounds is not fast on Weight Watcher's - you lose the weight slowly and safely. I have relearned portion control and to be aware of what I eat.

The best part of Weight Watchers is that I can eat treats if I want - I just have to plan for them or be prepared to work them into my daily Point total.

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Note from Dr. Dan


I'm glad it worked so well for you.

A while back there were a number of nurses at the hospital that were on weight watchers. And they were counting points.

There are a lot of holidays and birthdays and special occasions so there were always cakes and chips and dip in the break room. Well, these things didn't fit into their points.

So how did they handle it? They'd say, "Well, this cheesecake will put me way over on my points, so I just won't count it!"

At the end of the day their points total looked great. But they didn't lose much weight.

Dr. Dan

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