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Weight Watchers Works If You Follow It!

by Liz
(Philadelphia, PA)

Temporary success

I tried Weight Watchers a few times. The first time I lost about 20 pounds and was very successful. I, of course, went off the program and gained it back, plus fifty pounds =(.

I tried it again and did not do well. Now I am doing it again, and I am losing the weight.

Calorie counting

Weight Watchers is basically just counting calories, but instead of calories there are "points." I like that because I am bad at math and I enjoy the challenge of keeping within my points budget!

Weight Watchers encourages lots of water, veggies, two fats a day, fruit, dairy etc.

The meetings

The weekly meetings are good, but since I have been going there so long I often hear the same tips, advice, etc.

However, it's nice getting together with people who are also on a weight loss journey. My center has meetings that are too long, almost an hour, but I hear most places keep it to about 35-40 minutes.

How to make it work

If you follow this plan, it works. If you don't follow it, it won't.

It's healthy and reasonable and you will lose at least a pound a week if you follow everything.

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