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Weight Watchers Works For Me!

by Lola
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Weight loss with points system

By following the points system on Weight Watchers I was able to lose thirty-three pounds in seven months.

The key to success with the Weight Watcher's program is attending the weekly meetings and weigh-ins as well as tracking everything you eat.

Organize and motivate

The meetings gave me some very good ideas of foods to eat. I also garnered many tricks and tips for sticking with it.

But mostly the meetings helped to motivate me and keep me focused. The meetings really encouraged me to not give up when I didn't lose much weight that week or was just tired of following the diet.

Keeping track of success

The most important part of the diet for me was making sure to write down every single bite that I ate each day. It is truly remarkable how much a person can eat in a twenty-four hour period when they are not paying careful attention to what all they are eating.

Exercise is key for a lot of people as well. But honestly I did very little exercise and still lost the weight. I am sure that I would have lost it quicker if I had exercised, however.

Allows variations and treats

I think Weight Watchers is a great plan because it allows you to eat any food that you like as long as you stay within your daily points allowance.

So if you want to splurge on chocolate or Mexican food, my favorites, you can as long as you save up your points for them.

I believe Weight Watchers is a great program, so give it a try and good luck!

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