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Weight Watchers Worked For Me

by Mike Waldman
(Norfolk, Virginia)

I enrolled in the Weight Watchers diet program about seven years ago. I had a goal of losing 20 pounds, and I was able to achieve this goal after being in the program for six months.

The program was very easy to follow. Weight Watchers assigned points to various food items, and I basically had to plan menus to stay within the number of points that I was allowed to have each day.

For the first two weeks of the program, food choices were limited as I got used to the point system and the portion sizes. After the first two weeks, I could basically eat any thing I wanted as long as the number of points associated with the food that I ate did not exceed the total number of points that I could have each day.

The program was very easy to follow. Restaurants weren't really a problem since Weight Watchers provided a booklet that gave me the number of points for various types of appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts.

Special occasions weren't really a problem either since I could use my "bonus points" to enjoy something special for a birthday or anniversary or holiday dinner.

I really had no problems sticking with the plan. I never felt hungry, and Weight Watches provided suggestions for snacks during the day that were healthy, satisfying, and low in points.

After seven years, I still have not regained the weight I lost. The Weight Watchers program works because it is basically a behavior-modification program.

I learned about healthy eating, portion size control and the benefits of exercise. Weight Watchers gave me the structure to change my behavior, lose wight, and keep it off.

I still practice the Weight Watchers principles even though I am no longer formally enrolled in the program. I would definitely recommend it to others. It really works!

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Note from Dr. Dan


There aren't a lot of people who lose weight and then keep it off seven years later. Great job!

Dr. Dan

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