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Weight Watchers -- Why I Succeeded When I Failed Before

by Mary Bryant
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

I lost about 25 pounds using weight watchers and they offer a good program because you get a lot of choices. It's not all "eat healthy and never have good stuff" like pizza or chocolate or even peanut butter.

With Weight Watchers you learn how to make choices and deal with food that you'll want to eat the rest of your life (like pizza).

I'd say their theory is that you can eat whatever you want just not all at one time.

I've kept the weight off which is good although sometimes my weight does go up and down. At my heaviest I was 60 lbs overweight. Now I'm right where I should be.

I'd recommend weight watchers over most other programs because of the flexibility. Diets like Jenny Craig with pre-made food don't work because you don't learn how to eat and plan your own meals.

I've had friends who have tried Jenny Craig and they always gain the weight back. It's terrible.

Sometimes they gain back more than they lost. Look at the stars that have tried that program and they always gain the weight back.

I'm not saying that Weight watchers works for everyone, but at least a person has a shot with that program. It's healthy and they don't starve you and they give you support with the meetings.

I don't like the weighing in part though. I always feel self-conscious about that.

Also Weight Watchers can become competitive because it's a group thing although you can do it at home on the web now.

You've got to look at it like a process. It takes a lot of time to lose weight and I knew finally after years of up and down that a person only loses about 1 pound a week and just to accept that and go along with the process.

Accepting my fat body and the slow journey to losing the weight was a lot of why I succeeded when I had failed numerous times before. Eating healthy for a long life is just as important as being thin to look pretty.

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