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Weight watchers - Second time around

by Carol Bell
(Carbondale, IL, USA)

I want to first say that Weight watchers is a great diet and it is proven to work as long as you remember what you are taught and stick to it.

It does take a while for your body to accept the lower calories and that fact that you have to take responsibility for what you put inside of your body. You have only so many calories during the day and you have to decide what would be best nutrition as well as calorie-wise.

I left weight watchers because I felt like I didn't need the help anymore. I had gotten to my goal weight but I thought that I didn't need any more assistance.

One of the good things about weight watchers is the meetings. It helps that you know that there are other people that have gone through what you are going through and that they have experience. The ideas and support is really what you pay for.

Because I really wasn't ready to cut ties with the company. I ended up gaining back my weight as well as a little more. So I guess I will be going back again for the new year.

The first two weeks are tough because you are learning a new way to eat, but they are the more exciting. As soon as you step on the scale and you see that you are down 5 lbs or so, you feel so good and accomplished. This helps you to go on to the next week.

When you plateau and you don't lose weight, it is good to have that support too so that you won't feel too disappointed.

I like to eat low calorie items and eat by volume. That means if I have a salad, I can eat a boat load of lettuce and then sparingly put other more calorie dense items on the salad so that I can feel full. This allows me to lose weight and not feel hungry between meals.

I just kind of fool my eyes and stomach with the amount of food that is on my plate.

I will probably join again and I would definitely suggest this as a good way to lose weight to others.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You bring up a good point appoint the salads. Whether you're counting calories or points, you can have just about all the green vegetables you want to eat.

I haven't ever run into anyone that said, "If I could just stop eating so much broccoli and green beans and lettuce I could finally lose some weight."

Dr. Dan

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