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Weight Watchers Satisfaction

by Bertha Jackson

I tried the Weight Watchers diet and was able to lose a few pounds.

One thing I did find out was that I did not have that heavy feeling after eating the meals like I did when eating regular foods.

It was easy to plan my meals once I determined the total points that I could have each day.

Changing how I felt about food was not easy at first. I was one that ate until I was completely full. So that meant having second helpings of food or large portions.

At first, I was always very hungry right after eating one of the Weight Watchers meals because the portions were smaller than what I was used to.

I was not used to eating 3 meals a day. I would normally eat after noon and then in the evening. So breakfast was one of the most important meals that I was missing.

With Weight Watchers, I have learned the value of breakfast. Plus they have breakfast foods that I like.

Snack food was also my enemy. I liked cakes, cookies and especially ice cream. Weight Watchers has a broad selection of snack foods so I did not feel like I was missing out on something. I could still enjoy watching a movie and snacking on a weight watcher cup cake.

The only thing for me was the cost of some of the dinners. I tried to catch them on sale most of the time. The prices varied from location to location.

For me, Weight Watchers is the diet of choice.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Your story reminded me of something that I realized the other day that I found very interesting.

I heard someone talking about their weight and the diet they were on and they complained that "I don't feel full" after eating.

It occurred to me that overweight people expect to feel "full" after a meal.

Well, it's not normal or healthy to feel full after every meal. Feeling full is when your stomach is stretched out. It's like after eating a big Thanksgiving meal and you can't eat anymore.

No wonder the portions in restaurants have gotten so huge. Restaurant owners have realized that people want to be stuffed when they leave.

But that is actually not normal or healthy. You shouldn't feel as though you are starving. But you shouldn't try to gorge every time you sit down to eat.

You just need enough fuel to get you to the next small meal or healthy snack, and that should be just 3-4 hours away.

Eat more than that and the pounds will gradually creep up.

Dr. Dan

Comments for Weight Watchers Satisfaction

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Kelly Labombard
by: Anonymous

Snack foods kill me too. I get hungry in the afternoon and go for the cheese-doodles. Yikes!

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