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Weight Watchers "Original" The One That Gets It Off

by Kathy
(Benton, KY, USA)

First of all, I accidentally put on too much weight at age 10 and a half by mistaking my tall thinning body as underweight. I drank dozens of milkshakes and gobbled down fries with ketchup at a little summer restaurant (my Grandmother's).

I actually did this for two summers, until I realized I had gotten too big. I was slim looking in a way but went from a size seven to a thirteen and from about 78 to 82 pounds to 140.

I went on a diet that reduced portions and lost over 20 pounds. In a couple of years I gained 5 or 10 in a yo-yo way.

So I tried the Atkins Diet as a 14 year old. This made me miserable. I got diarrhea and felt just plain bad.

I couldn't stick to this beyond four or five days, due to how bad it felt, at first anyway.

Finally I managed to stand it with two burgers, ketchup and pickle chips sans the bun at lunch, a sugar free egg custard for a snack and meat and pickles at the supper meal.

The key ingredient here was being certain to not eat before lunch. Eating early in the day just triggered a ravenous appetite that could not handle anything short of eating twice as much food as what I had planned.

Eating more, even of just meat, made me gain, that is until I avoided the braunschweiger that tasted so good when my appetite took over.

Anytime I did not adhere to the Atkins or modified Atkins (evaporated skim milk in the custard), I had a diet soda and a large individually wrapped cookie from the local store across from the school for lunch and meat with green vegetables for supper. That's it. I never gained weight but it was miserable sometimes.

I had a good friend whose mother had joined Weight Watchers. This friend's mother went on and on about how she got so much to eat.

My friend went on the diet sporadically with her mother, but I was leery of the bread on it.

One day I went out to buy the program cookbook at the local bookstore. They had to order it specially.

When it came, I brought it home and studied it. It said you could leave off bread and cottage cheese if you can't lose weight on the regular plan.

I started to follow the plan without bread. I got to eat more than ever and not gain any weight any more like would happen with my home made diet.

I (over the last 35 years) never eat the bread when I follow this diet. I choose this diet to build my body up when I have been skipping too many meals, simply for health reasons.

Due to the generous amount of vegetables and skim milk you are allowed, it is extremely nutritious eating.

When the new Weight Watchers appeared on the scene, I checked out some of the recipes and maybe use some of them, but I believe in the original plan with the real basic and unpackaged foods that you prepare into to honest meals for taking off the weight and keeping it off.

The original plan is also ideal for helping you to plan your splurges. There are lists of food in the back of it that are more likely to add pounds than the others and a description on how to add one food at a time either once a day, once a week or once a month.

This technique keeps you from feeling either deprived or helpless if you put on a couple of pounds. Any gain just means go back to the strict diet until it comes off and try the additional bonus foods again if you like at this point.

There are many options that will keep you happy on even the strict plan, so I recommend the Original Weight Watchers Plan for carbohydrate sensitive, fat sensitive individuals of all ages.

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