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Weight Watchers Online Gave Good Results And Was Fun To Track

by Chuck Campbell
(Roseville, CA, USA)

A couple years ago my wife and I decided to try the online version of Weight Watchers. We followed their online point-bases system for about 8 months, doing as best we could to be accurate in entering our data.

For the most part following the plan was fairly easy, however there were times when trying to enter the right amount of points for a given meal took a little work.

I found that if I did it right, I was generally not hungry. Apparently the points matched pretty closely to what my body was needing without going overboard.

One nice advantage to this system is that there is no limit to what I could eat while using the plan, so long as I watched how many 'points' I consumed. I learned quickly that light beer would only cost me 2 points as opposed to a mixed drink with cola costing me much more!

The idea was to know what you are eating, and know what portion size fits in to the proper intake for your body size and activity.

When dining out, I found it easiest to sneak a peek at the menu online in advance so I could get an idea of fat grams, calories, and fiber totals -- the numbers needed to calculate the points. It became tricky when I was not able to access this information.

Even with this complication, however, it was pretty easy to stick with the system. It was designed to allow some flexibility, so if I went over in points a little bit one day, I could shave off a few the next day in order to stay in line with my goals.

I found it easiest to use by saving up a point here or there every day so I could enjoy consuming a little extra on weekends.

I could see myself doing the program again someday, but truth be told I haven't needed to since doing the program originally help put into my head smart eating practices.

This awareness has helped me keep my weight down for the long term. I would definitely recommend this plan.

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