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Weight Watchers -- My Side Effects

by Anonymous

For well over five years I was a member of the Weight Watchers. I learned everything about nutrition, exercise and their point system.

Every week standing on the scale in front of other members was too much for me. I always was close to crying if the scale was not running downwards.

I lost 48 pounds over the years. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is imagine failing on the scale in front of all the others.

I just stopped eating. It was like a drug. I had to stand on the scale and lose the most of all. So not to eat or to chuck up became obsessive.

My husband recognized my changes -- not the weight one only -- more the changes in my behavior. Do he took me to a doctor, who was a psychiatrist. I really did not know this at first.

I think I overlooked much that time. Now I know that being at Weight Watchers is being part of the group. Being part of group which swears "no" to being overdue with their points and to lose weight every week more than the week before. This can bring you into devils paradise.

Panic attacks about failing on the scale and restless nights, because of frightness about my weight -- or as the psychiatrist told me: "You went down with your weight and you ran into panic attacks and depression."

Weight Watcher was like a drug to me. Others need their cigarettes, I needed my weight to lose and the emotional lift up by the WW group.

Only ten pounds (of the lost 48) are left. I feel better without my drug. I never would send a sensible person to a Weight Watchers meeting, because I know what can happen.

Note from Dr. Dan

Dear Anonymous,

Your story is very touching.

For some people the meetings are supportive and uplifting. In those people the meetings might be just what they need.

But the very last thing anyone needs that is trying to lose weight is the feeling of being pressured or humiliated.

Losing weight with all that goes with it -- looking better, feeling better, becoming more energized -- should be a positive experience. If it is not, you should find a program that is.

Dr. Dan

Comments for Weight Watchers -- My Side Effects

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Weight Watchers and Bowel Obstruction
by: Carla

Hi Dr. Dan,

I had Gastric Bypass 18 years ago. I learned recently that I have Small Bowel Volvulus. This was after 3 consecutive years of intestinal surgery for torsion and internal hernia. After losing 230 lbs, I still have 50 to go, so I went on Weight Watchers. The fiber overload was too much and I ended up with a massive blockage.

I don't know how to eat anymore. The bariatric label has led to so many conflicting pieces of advice from the Medical Community. The discharge paperwork from the hospital tells me to eat more fiber to prevent constipation. Geez!

Please Help!

by: lovely

I started weight watchers and this is my second week I already lost more than 3 lbs in my first week now anxious for my second week.It is not very hard but still you have to go with the points try to stick to the points and may be it works for you. it did to me though I just started.

joined ww 3 days ago and have had stomach problems.
by: Anonymous

I really have been going to the bathroom more then is healthy. Now 11:26 a.m. visited the bathroom 4 times already. Stomach pain and finally diarrhea. Feel better now but will this go away? I have literally given up sugar, am eating breakfast, and am trying to eat healthier. Feel good except this certainly has made any activities in the a.m. impossible.

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