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Weight Watchers kept the weight off over 10 years

by Peggy Hickey

I have been overweight since I was eleven or twelve, so of course I was always interested in dieting. I tried many different types such as the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the Stewardess Diet, Weigh Down, and a few others.

However, the diet I was the most successful on was Weight Watchers.

I was working long hours in a business at the time. They were encouraging their employees to lose weight. They opened a small gym for us and encouraged us to join a weight loss group.

I chose Weight Watchers. In about eight months, I went from 230 pounds to 160 pounds.

I went to the meetings faithfully and kept a food journal. I believe these are key to good weight loss. One needs to have support and to be reminded about what one eats.

The first week I was so fired up about losing weight, it wasn't difficult. After that, I had my ups and downs, but my initial success spurred me on.

I liked Weight Watchers because I could eat what I wanted. It also encouraged balanced eating.

I would count the number of chips I could have when I went to a Mexican Restaurant. I would find myself making better food choices so I could have more of my bonus points left over each week for special events.

I liked the Weight Watchers ice cream sandwiches which I thought were delicious.

I was good about limiting my cheese and meat. I don't know if Weight Watchers still advocates that, but it was good for me then.

This was the most successful I ever was dieting and I kept the weight off for over ten years.

Unfortunately, due to my age, a broken leg and an illness, a lot of the weight came back. If I could afford Weight Watchers, I would try it again.

If you are like me and have a weight problem that you have struggled with your whole life, just don't give up. Little by little you can win the battle against unwanted pounds.

It is just a matter of setting your mind on the end goal and not letting well-meaning friends and family derail you.


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Note from Dr. Dan


You've got a lot of wisdom in your article. You mention keeping your mind on the end goal and not letting anyone derail your efforts. Excellent advice.

Dr. Dan

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