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Weight watchers is stressful, Body for Life is better

by Erica Rothwell

I really wanted to lose 15-20 lbs, so I tried Weight Watchers. It was really depressing from the first weigh-in because all I could think of was the mother of a friend of mine when I was growing up. She was always on Weight Watchers and she was at least 150 lbs overweight and never actually lost weight.

I followed it for a while, but it was really stressful to keep track of the points of everything, especially homemade food. If I didn't use the recipes they had (which were gross), I had no idea what the points were.

And packaged (read: processed) food is great for points tracking but gets old quickly.

I gave up after a while and didn't complete the program. I tried it again a few years later and stuck to it for several months, but then gave up again.

Then I tried Body for Life, and it was great! I followed it completely for 12 weeks, with only 1 cheat. I looked and felt great.

The problem with Body for Life is that it is really hard to follow forever. It gets very boring and restrictive and in the way of "real" life.

I did a few more sessions of Body for Life, but once a session was done, it was really hard to stick to the same regimen.

I've also tried hypnosis, the sugar diet, neither worked, and just weight-lifting.

I worked with a personal trainer for several years, but never got my eating habits on track. So, I haven't found the perfect diet for me yet, but I will keep looking.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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