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Weight Watchers is hard to stick to...

by Carlene

I tried Weight Watchers for a few months. It was several years ago, so things have changed a little with the program today.

I found it hard because I was hungry all the time. I could eat what I wanted, but it had to be within a set number of calories.

They used a point system that was easy once you learned what each food item was worth. The problem was trying to learn each individual item.

They use points, but I found that it was the same as counting calories. Instead of the calorie number, you counted the Weight Watcher’s number.

The good part about the points is that the numbers you are working with are smaller. That makes it easier.

Eating out was hard. When I did the program, there were no restaurants that carried Weight Watcher approved meals.

It’s hard to stick to because once you use up your points, you’re done for the day. They do give good ideas on how to cut back on calories in your meals and they handed out some good recipes.

The support was good too. I liked having a weekly meeting to go to. Other people’s stories and advice helped.

But I still was not successful. I did lose weight, but I gained it back after a few months.

I would try it again someday. But what stops me are the fees. It can get expensive because when I was a member, you paid each time you went to a meeting.

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Clinton Bosh
by: Anonymous

I agree. Points is like counting calories. I'm too lazy to do either one.

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