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Weight Watchers Is A Great Start!!!

by Jeff Walker
(Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

For my diet, I used the weight watchers diet. You see, the company Weight Watchers makes great meals that really benefit you in the long run.

They make cuisines similar to those of Lean Cuisines, which is another brand of food. Weight Watchers cuisines are a little more hardy, but they really give you protein and fuel you for a good night walk or a trip to the mall!

Additionally, Weight Watchers makes great ice-cream bars. After one of the cuisines and you have that inevitable sweet tooth that bugs you for a while, there is always those ice cream bars to satisfy it.

A particular flavor that I like is Mocha. This one is really good, and there are only about 100 calories in the whole thing, I know! If you like coffee or frapuccinos or mochas, I seriously recommend this one.

Another thing that really fascinated me was their website ( It has great tools for watching your weight and exercising to your fullest. I tried many of their recipes and they all turned out amazing.

They have many resources on foods, such as types of melons and how to cut them and different things. It was really neat to see everything and see how elaborate the whole thing really is.

So after 5 months of eating healthily and following steadily with this Weight Watcher's diet, I found myself with more energy, more willing to go places, and much more fit.

Please try it for yourself!!

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