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Weight Watchers -- Great results after 20 weeks!

by Jessica
(North Carolina)

I started weight watchers last year after gaining some weight. I was on the program for 20 weeks, and had great results!

The program is easy enough and the point system gets easier the longer you do it. I lost 16lbs, and was doing great!

Then my husband got relocated and I tried to remain on the program but that's not easy when you're moving and living in a hotel while waiting to close on your home.

After we got settled in I started the meetings again and it wasn't the same. I just couldn't get back into the groove.

The system really does work. You can really eat all the things you like. It's just about taking it in moderation and not eating fatty things on a daily basis.

It is a lifestyle change. Unfortunately I got out of that lifestyle and can't find the motivation and self-discipline to get back into it!

The price is fair. They have things you can buy but its not required and its talked about but not pushed on you!

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