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Weight Watchers -- First It Works, Then It Doesn't

by Sarina Keobaunleuang

They say that the only successful way to lose weight is to take in fewer calories than you burn; eat less and exercise more. So, I tried this plan... I followed the Weight Watchers Points Program to lose weight several years ago.

I lost about 30 pounds and was able to keep it off about 3-4 years before I gradually started to gain it back.

I liked the Weight Watchers Points for several reasons. The Points program was easy to follow and allowed me to eat what I wanted as long as I stayed within my daily points allowance. It also gave me the opportunity to earn additional points by exercising.

Since I am a known chocoholic and have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for me.

When I followed the program online but did not attend the in-person meetings, I had great success! However, after having gained back 20 pounds, I decided to try Weight Watchers again.

This time I attended the meetings, and I failed. I lost 10 pounds, hit a plateau, and gave up. I felt too much pressure to succeed from the others at the meetings, whereas when I participated strictly online I was only accountable to myself.

I would recommend the Weight Watchers program to anyone considering weight loss. It is something I found great success with once and hope to find success with again.

My success or failure was not due to a program flaw; it was simply because I did not follow the basic rule of eat less and exercise more!

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