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Weight Watchers: Eat What You Want, In Moderation

by Jessica

A few years ago I dieted with the Weight Watchers Points Plan. My weight had hit 180 pounds and all my clothes were too tight.

I started by looking at the online version of the plan. They had a trial offer for a week and I was able to get the basics of the diet.

I decided that for me, the online support wasn't worth the expense and I decided to try the diet on my own. A friend gave me a sliding point calculator that she was no longer using and I got started. I Googled the diet and found some sites that offered advice and recipes, but were free.

I found the first couple days to be the hardest. In the weeks before starting the diet I had been eating a lot of chocolate kisses, and I found myself craving them.

But after a few days, those cravings went away and I found the diet, for the most part, was easy to follow and it provided me with enough food to feel satisfied.

I followed the diet very closely during the week (Monday-Friday), but not so much on the weekends. Still, I was able to lose one-two pounds most every week.

I recorded the food I ate and the point values. I had no food restrictions. I just had to figure out the points for each item, which was not hard to do.

After nine weeks I had lost 18 pounds. I continued on the diet for about eight months and lost a total of 40 pounds.

Then the weight loss hit a plateau.

I did very little exercise while on the diet. Increased exercise would have probably helped me lose more or may have helped me get over the plateau.

I would definitely recommend this diet. Because you can eat any food you want, there are less feelings of being deprived of tasty things. You just have to eat them in moderation.

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