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Weight Watchers does work

by Tiffanie
(Zanesville, OH)

Weight watchers does work, if you stick with it.

A few years ago my sister and I lived together and decided that we could stand to lose a few pounds. I only wanted to lose about 20-25 lbs. and her goal was to lose about 70-75.

We didn't want a "lose weight quick" type of deal. We were looking for a lifetime change in our diet so that we could keep off the weight when we lost it.

Our first weight watchers visit was the hardest. To stand on the scale and determine your pre-losing weight was kind of hard for me, and it was really hard on my sister. It was so discreet we were surprised how comfortable we felt.

As the meeting went on and discussed ways to eat the meals we love but in an alternate way we knew we were in the right place... Over the next few months we learned not only new recipes but also that we needed to incorporate exercise into our diet.

By the sixth month I had lost the 25 lbs that I needed taken off and my sister had lost 40 lbs. Once I had lost my weight I stayed on weight watchers for a while but once again fell back on the path of eating fast foods and not so good snacks again.

I am now 10 lbs above where I first started, so weight watchers does work, if you stick to it, but it is not something that you can just do for a while. It is a lifestyle change that you have to be committed to.


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Note from Dr. Dan


I think your point about "fast foods and not so good snacks" is a great one.

I see a lot of discussions regarding "healthy" foods at the drive-through restaurants. In reality it would be a miracle if someone ate regularly at fast food places and it didn't destroy their health. An actual miracle.

Dr. Dan

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