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Weight Watchers Diet Turned My Life Around

by Morgan
(Long Beach, CA USA)

Weight Watchers diet has turned my life around.

All my life, I've had issues with my weight. Before I turned 18, I was able to maintain a steady size 14/16.

However, after graduating high school, I gained about 75 pounds due to a severely traumatic experience and I got all the way up to 267 pounds and a size 24/26.

I was severely depressed and refused to leave the house unless it was absolutely necessary. I desperately wanted to lose the weight, but I simply continued eating all the wrong foods.

I would overeat and I just sat around in my bedroom doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself.

One day, I just couldn't take it anymore so I searched the internet for information on diets. I found reviews on Weight Watchers and most of them were positive, so I decided to try it for myself.

I went to a meeting and got weighed in. I spoke with people with similar stories as mine and it was great to meet others who were struggling with their weight.

Of the two food plans (the flex plan and the core plan), I felt that the core plan was best for me.

There were certain foods that I could eat as much as I wanted (within reason, of course) and I was allowed a certain amount of points each week that I could use when I wanted to treat myself.

I kept a journal to make sure I was drinking enough water and the required daily amount of fruits and vegetables. I would also get points when I exercised.

I would go to meetings on a monthly basis to get weighed in and speak with the group. I was amazed at the amount of weight that I was shedding; I'd lose 12 pounds a month – three pounds a week!

I'm happy to say that since I started on this weight loss journey, I've lost 110 pounds and I am a size 10.

While it's not always easy and I'm tempted to give up on occasion, I realize that my health is the most important thing I can possibly have.

I've maintained my weight for the last five years and it's most definitely been worth the struggle.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You should be congratulated for taking the weight off and keeping it off. Most people don't realize how difficult that is to do.

Dr. Dan

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