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Weight training on guided machines

by Jac Harper
(Stanwood Washington, US)

The hardest workout that I have ever tried is training with gym weight machines.

When I started out, I didn’t know much about weight training and was doing high weights like eighty or ninety pounds for five reps. I am a 5’ 2” female who had never really lifted weights before, so those weights were very heavy and hard for me.

My father, who is more experienced said that I was doing ‘mass’ training, when I wanted to be doing ‘definition’ training instead. He guided me through it and I changed my workout to this: my max weight minus thirty pounds and fifteen reps at a time.

I began this work out only a couple months ago, and I am currently attending community college and using their gym facilities. I am nineteen years old and don’t have a coach or adviser, which can make working out more difficult if you aren’t sure what to do.

I also learned more by watching the other people who were working out at the same time as me, because they were more experienced and had been doing it for a long time.

I started this workout and still continue to challenge myself with it. I got into much better shape in no time.

I walk long distances every day, and it became much easier as soon as I could lift weights easily with my legs that equaled my own body weight. This made them strong and it was easier for my legs to carry me farther faster.

The workout was most difficult because I was used to sitting around and being on the computer when I wasn’t out walking. My body was jarred by the sudden need for energy and strength.

I found that after working out, I could pay attention better in school and learn more because my mind was suddenly alert.

I am now stronger, and continue to get stronger because of my work out regimen, and I am very happy that I started doing it.

Initially I felt a lot of pain and soreness from the shock to my body, but the more I worked out the less I felt sore afterward and my muscles became accustomed to rebuilding themselves.

I would recommend weight definition training to anyone who could handle, or would like to experience the thrill and accomplishment of lifting weights.


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Note from Dr. Dan

Dear Jac,

Very interesting article. You bring up a lot of good points.

First, about walking, you say you walk long distances every day. Here's what Thomas Jefferson -- 3rd President of the US -- said about walking: "Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far." So you are in good company.

Second, you mention sitting while working on the computer. Some recent research has shown that constant sitting leads to increased health problems.

This is not just from extra weight or being out of shape. It is being inactive for long periods. The simple solution is to get up more often. Take frequent breaks and get up and get out of the chair.

And then you said you, "got into much better shape in no time." It sometimes surprises people how quickly they can make big changes in their body.

It doesn't take years. In a few weeks -- if you don't let being sore after the workouts scare you off -- you can dramatically improve your physical condition and your overall health.

Dr. Dan

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