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Weight Training And Weight Loss

As I've gotton older I have such a hard time losing weight...

The only exercise that you can fully control is weight training. And you will make progress.

photo of fit man and woman

Let me tell you a little story.

I had a woman come to my medical office. She was overweight and really out of shape.

Her metabolism was so low that she could never lose weight.

She had dieted in the past and lost some weight. But her diets caused her to lose muscle and her metabolism dropped.

When her metabolism dropped she didn't need as much to eat.

Now she was overweight, out of shape, and miserable. And diets wouldn't work for her.

The truth behind "Diets don't work"

Have you heard this: "Diets don't work for women (or men) over 40"? Well, unfortunately there is some truth to it.

Why? Because it is awfully hard to cut down on what you eat when you are not eating that much already? Right? You know what I mean.

So she came to my office. She needed to do something. She was starting to fall apart.

The stress response

When you are weak and overweight then diabetes starts to creep up on you. It's a sign that your body is not working well anymore.

And blood pressure starts creeping up. That's another sign that your body is not working right.

You are under too much stress. Your body is trying to fight it any way it can. Your stress hormones are overactive. Your sugar goes up. Your blood pressure goes up. Your weight goes up.

And that was what happened to her. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Stress. Sound familiar?

So what to do?

So we talked about her getting some more activity in her life. Some kind of activity. She had to do something.

Of course running was out of the question. You don't run when you can hardly walk. And walking, that is good. But even that is hard when you are too overweight. Right?

So we were talking about increasing her activity. And she pointed to some diagrams I have in my book Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan and she said, "I couldn't do these. They are too hard."

She was pointing to some diagrams of people doing weight training.

I couldn't have been more surprised by her statement. You know why?

Because as out of shape as she is, as weak, as tired, as overweight as she is, probably the only thing that she can do that will actually help her is weight training!

That's right. Probably the only thing that will really help her get her life back is some kind of weight training.

Why weight training?

Because it is the easiest thing for her to do.

And it is probably the most effective thing she could try.

Why is it easiest? Because you can pick your own weight. You don't have to lift 300 pounds (about 135 kilograms.)

You can use 50 pounds (about 22.5 kilograms.)

You can even use a soup can. Yes, a soup can. You know, a real can of soup. If that is what you can lift, then use it. Some people start with soup cans and they get good results.

You can do it

So you can do it. No matter how weak you are. If you use one pound it is one pound more than you were doing before. And that's what matters.

See? The only exercise that you can fully control, and the only kind of exercise that you can make as easy or as hard as you want is weight training. And as an added bonus it is very easy to keep track of your progress. And you will make progress. Fast.

Weight training is not harder than other exercises. It is the easiest exercise there is. So start weight training and weight loss will follow. You can finally have the body you deserve.

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