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Weight loss through really intense thinking

by Hong Ebenstein

When I was 14 years old, I had a dog named Lady. As you all probably know, you are supposed to walk your dog everyday. Which of course I did.

After 45 minutes of continuous WALKING -- please note that it is not RUNNING -- I came home completely exhausted and tired.

I went to my room to weigh myself and screamed in wonder: from 64 KG I was when I left, I became 63 KG! It was amazing!

I had found a way to lose is the simplest way I can think of, which is : THINKING!!!

How it came to me? Well, we had double math that day at school, and we were solving simultaneous equations in algebra. I hate algebra, and the equations practically kill me!

When I came home, my head really hurt me, but after I weighed myself the pain all went away!

1.5 KG LOSS!!! It was utterly impossible, but true.

So my advice is, to walk anytime you can, from work or school or university. And try to think more about subjects that you have problems with.

Once you feel a light burning sensation in your brain, that means it worked. It means you started losing weight!

I think this is the best way for busy people who don't have spare time on Exercising machines and such; also for high school students to keep in shape.

Eat healthily and think positively!

Good luck!

Hong Ebenstein

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