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Weight Loss Products

by Sabeena Ibrahim
(Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India)

I tried many things without good results. I am searching for best weight loss products till now.

I tried many weight loss products like some drinks, exercise machines, food control, etc. But no one helped me to reduce my weight.

My weight is not too high but it is little bit high.

I don't know how to reduce my weight. Please give me some ideas. Which is the best way to reduce weight?

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Weight loss when nothing seems to help
by: Dr. Dan

Well, that's a tough one for sure.

You might think that it's impossible for you to lose weight. From a scientific point of view we know that's not true. How do we know that?

One of the ways we know that is by study of the Pima Indians. The Pima Indians in the United States are the most overweight group in the most overweight country on earth.

The majority of them are overweight and 60% of the adults have diabetes. And it is all caused -- 100% caused -- by their environment. It's caused by what they do with their lives. It is lack of activity and corn dogs, lard and fried bread.

How do we know that? We know that's true because of a unique circumstance of politics and geography. There are the Pimas of Arizona in the United States that have adopted our Western lifestyle. And they are essentially all overweight.

But there is a second group of Pima Indians. This second group lives in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. They follow their traditional lifestyle. And they are not overweight.

The two groups are genetically identical. The only difference is the choices the individuals in the groups are making in their lives.

The only way you or anyone else will ever be successful with weight loss is by making the right choices. No one can do it for you.

Where do you start? You start by taking a look at what you are doing now.

Until you take a cold, hard look at what YOU are doing, right now, to keep yourself overweight, you will never be able to get rid of that extra weight.

I wish you luck.

Dr. Dan

Diet. Die with a t at the end.
by: MagiAwen

The best, most effective weight loss product in the ENTIRE WORLD is...drum roll... your brain.

Your brain totally controls you. Everything you do starts there. Want to lose weight? Honestly evaluate your life, your habits and...if you are a procrastinator...start small.

There are no quick fixes there are only life changing events....change your attitude and perception...everything follows.

Throw away all the unhealthy pills and fad meal plans.

This is what I did and all by myself, without a book, a commercial diet or a pill have lost 130 pounds now...with 100 more to go. All on my own steam and my own diet.

What is my diet? I eat food that is not processed. I limit pasta and bread. I do NOT use crazy reward schemes like "being good" and then "letting" myself have ice cream. To me this is defeatist behavior. You set yourself up for failure and overindulgence.

Start an exercise plan. Even if that is only to do ten situps a day. Do it every day at the same time. Once you start eating real food instead of fast food and processed food and start an exercise routine and stick with it find you naturally increase exercise simply because you feel good.

What is your weakness? Figure it out. If it's cake...don't ban it, plan it. Also if you are prone to eating the entire cake...don't make a whole one. Go to a bakery or deli and buy one piece and have it after a meal. (I know I said no processed foods but every once in a while...for the good of the cause I find it a reasonable exception)

My weakness is ice cream. If I buy a gallon of it I will eat big bowls of it everyday instead of lunch until it's gone and then mourn every time I open the freezer and it's not there. Dramatic I know...but I'm confessing here.

So what did I do to change that? Stopped buying buckets of ice cream. Instead I will go out and buy something totally delectable. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. It's entirely rich and awesome. So I craved. I bought. I sat with the little pint with my spoon and I ate it slowly, really tasting and savoring each spoonful. I allowed myself to revel in each taste - slowly. Slowly is the key. That first pint lasted me a week because...the way I ate it make me full and satisfied the craving.

I did that when I started my body revolution (not my diet) that was in 2005. Now, I'm so much more healthier with my diet and exercise and distressing I actually only crave my weakness about once a month. And now instead of B&J's...I get a 99 cent ice cream sandwich and I'm done with it till the next month.

Also..examine why you are eating when you are eating. Often we eat when we aren't hungry.

Drink a lot of good water. If you feel munchy...have two glasses of water first. You might actually just be thirsty.

It's all in the mind...I'm totally convinced of it. Take control and be healthy.

Just try it....
by: Anonymous

When i was in college i was good. And now i'm at home from the last three months and I put on weight during this period. I tried many weight loss products but no use. Finally as a last trial i went to yoga. Yes it is a drastic change i observed. I'm do yoga daily and i'm following the diet that they said. The diet that they said is to drink more water, and in the morning instead of oily tiffin, eat dry fruits. The most important tip here to reduce the fat content is taking lemon water with honey instead of sugar. it melts the fat content. better to stop pickles. it doesn't allows the fat to melt. So, my sincere advice to everyone is to do yoga and follow the diet that they said. You are sure to become slim. Everyone try and Enjoy.

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