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weight loss after 40

by shraddha

How i can lose weight with all my health problems such as high blood pressure?

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weight loss after 40
by: Virginia Girl

That is a very good question, as high blood pressure affects a lot of people who are overweight.

Most are already watching the foods they eat, concerning the salt, potassium, etc and just by making a few more adjustments, their intake of the proper amount and ratio of carbs and protein foods will help make the difference in successful weigh loss.

Drink more water and watch out for increase swelling of your legs, feet or hands.

Make sure the foods that you eat do not interact with the medication you are taking.

Exercising daily, starting out with short periods and gradually working up to 30 minute sessions. Always let your doctor know of any diet or exercise program that you are on.
Good luck!

weight loss after 40
by: kimmersu

In my experiences, losing weight after 40 has been easier for me than losing it before I was 40. Don't misunderstand, losing weight has never been easy, it just seems easier now. I guess chasing toddlers has made a difference as well.

I have found that increasing my water intake and reducing my carbs have jump started my weight loss in the past. When ever I get on a plateau, I add an extra couple of glasses of water to my day.

I am diabetic and have congestive heart failure episodes, so watching my sodium and sugars is a must.

I have also increased my activity level by walking and riding my bicycle around town. When walking I add extra resistance with a stroller carrying my 30 pound toddler in it. When biking, he is in a trailer behind me adding extra resistance there as well.

Regulate your Routine
by: Manoj T

If one is over 40 and has Hypertension, it is essential to regulate one's life to remain fit. Take adequate exercise without straining yourself. Take a balanced diet while reducing the intake of salt.

I have noticed one thing that we tend to eat unnecessarily at times. Since one becomes more sedentary after 40 with less of physical work, we have to cut down on our food intake. The body does not need it but we still eat. I cut down my diet by 50% and had no signs of weakness or fatigue. On the contrary, I found that I was more active as my stomach was lighter and I had better digestion.

The best time to do exercise is early in the morning. That time you are relaxed and stomach is empty. Always exercise on an empty stomach.

Pros and cons to weight loss after 40
by: Anonymous

Weight loss after 40 has been difficult for me for a number of reasons. First, I find that the older I get, the less energy I have. After a day at work, then coming home and fixing dinner for the family and making sure everything is ready for the next day, I am not ready to exercise. Since I am not a morning person, getting up early is not an option. I have also realized that even when I do eat right and exercise, the weight does not come off as easily as when I was younger. I don't know if there is truth to a change in metabolism, but for me it seems as if there is. On the other hand, I find that at this age, I am much more patient and forgiving of myself on the journey to being at a healthy weight. This means that I don't stress about the fact that I am not losing weight quickly. This is a good thing, because it means that I will be more likely to stick to healthy eating, even if I do not lose weight quickly.

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