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Weight control and Menopause

by Julianne

I started menopause about two years ago. Since then I have found it almost impossible to lose weight.

I waited almost a year before I began hormone therapy. During that time I gained almost 12 pounds. It goes up and down almost weekly.

My appetite seems to be out of control at times, and I often overeat. I noticed my sleeping patterns are also irregular.

Is there a simple formula for someone in their early 50?s to lose weight and regain the level of fitness I experienced in my twenties?

I am concerned about skin flabbiness and lack of energy. I am still on hormone therapy.

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weight loss in the 50s
by: Dr. Dan

It is a vicious cycle: lack of energy so you don't feel like exercising. Lack of exercise so you don't have energy and you don't sleep well. And around and around it goes.

If you were to get up early each morning and walk for an hour the world would start to look different to you.

Dr. Dan

by: alex

the problem is that your body is confused under the influence of hormone therapy. instead you must be under control of food and the income of calories.

there is one study how body mass and hormones are connected. for example women with higher bmi have less painful menstruation than those with lower bmi.

the most important thing in your problem is to control your eating and exercise. try to kill your desire for food with low calories food. and it's always better to eat more often than eat twice a day but a lot at each time.

one more thing, if you have some problems with blood pressure or similar problems it's very important that a real expert (a doctor) write a suitable diet, because not everybody's body answers the same way on a diet

by: Karin

One thing you might try instead of using Hormone Replacement Therapy, which has been linked to cancer, is soy. I drink a lot of soy milk (it even comes in chocolate!) instead of regular milk and I eat other products which use soy protein.

Soy milk is not any more fattening than dairy and generally comes in low fat, lower-calorie varieties as well as full-calorie. It also contains all of the calcium and vitamin D as regular milk.

If you suspect that the hormones are what are contributing to your weight gain, give the soy a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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