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Varying calories

by Cindy

I have been trying to lose weight, following a calorie restricted diet of around 1500 calories a day. I seem to have hit a wall.

I don't want to gain weight and that seems to be the logical results of eating more calories, but I have heard that something about going into starvation mode and not losing weight if you don't eat enough.

Should I raise my calorie intake or should I lower it even more?


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Cutting calories and still not losing weight
by: Dr. Dan


You've cut your calories to 1500 per day and you're still not losing weight. Now what?

You could cut your calories to 1400 per day.

And then 1300.

And then...

You see where that leads.

Here's a better idea. Figure out your ideal weight. I mean ideal for real. Not some fantasy world idea.

What does somebody weigh that is your age and height that is really fit, healthy, looks great and feels great and can do whatever they want in life? That's your ideal weight.

Now, how many calories does that person eat? It's probably not 1500 calories per day. It might be 2000. It might be 2500. It might be 3000 or more.

You cannot eat an unhealthy diet and get to a good weight and feel good and maintain that weight. These bodies don't work that way.

Good luck,

Dr. Dan

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