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Unexpected but amazing results from the Zone.

by Ivan
(Austin, Texas)

I started off by weighing and measuring everything to fit the Zone proportions/blocks.

I did not reduce the amount of food of I ate, I just made it fit the Zone recommendation of 40/30/30 for carbohydrates/protein/fat.

Amazingly, I lost seven pounds the first week. That was unexpected.

After that, weight loss was around a pound every two weeks for the next few months. My weight loss itself stalled after three months, but my fat loss continued, which meant I was both losing fat and gaining muscle.

The amazing thing is that I did not reduce the amount of calories I ate -- instead, I only stayed true to the Zone blocks. However, the quality of the food I ate also increased.

I ate more vegetables and more protein based foods like meat and cottage cheese. After only a few weeks on the Zone, I realized that my diet had been over 75 percent carbohydrates, with almost no fat.

The Zone is not a low carb diet –- instead it is a “moderate carb” diet. It is also a “moderate fat” diet.

As Aristotle argued, moderation in all things –- and the Zone is moderation in diet. After reading several Zone books, I became aware of how my body needs dietary fat and that restricting fat from my diet and eating so many carbs caused my to have high insulin levels, which created a lot of body fat.

After three months, I didn't have to weigh and measure my food as much, because following the Zone became instinctual. The Zone is great, especially if you are physically active.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Your story proves that losing weight is not just about "eating less and exercising more."

Without the right intake of healthy nutrition your body doesn't have a chance to get rid of the fat and heal itself.

It sounds like you've done a great job at getting yourself into shape.

Dr. Dan

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