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Turkey Burger You Say?

by Robin
(Orlando Florida)

I went to Ruby Tuesdays quite a bit until I found out some information.

If you order the Turkey Burger, you think, turkey, healthy, no fat, good for you. This is so wrong.

These turkey burgers are loaded in calories, 1145 to be exact, and that does not count any side you may be eating along with this burger.

They are really good though, and it has been hard not to eat them, I know for my own good, I'd better leave those alone and find another alternative.

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Have your sandwich and eat it too.
by: Laurence

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I often order a chicken or turkey sandwich.

They do contain a lot of calories, but you can still enjoy eating them without fear of packing on the pounds by making sure they are grilled rather than fried.

It's the fat from the grease that really adds calories in a turkey sandwich. Besides, grilled meat tastes better.

Also, the condiments can add an obscene amount of calories to an otherwise tasty sandwich. Mayonnaise is in particular calorie-laden culprit. It's almost all fat!

So the next time you go out to eat, simply ask the server for a grilled turkey sandwich and to hold the mayonnaise, and enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

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