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Turbo Jam Cardio and 3T

by Sally
(Dallas, TX, USA)

I just finished Turbo Jam Cardio Party. My back is wet with sweat and my cheeks are rosy. I LOVE Chalene.

While it’s probably not the MOST intensive routine, it’s REALLY fun! My kids enjoy dancing around the living room with me, my eighteen month old included.

The DVD has the option of having the music “Pumped Up”, which means that you get A LOT of bass and loud music, and barely hear Chalene give the cues. This is extremely helpful if you’re used to the routines and find that comments during videos tend to drag you down.

The other Turbo Jam Cardio parties I found to be a little hard to follow. I dance for a living so I wouldn’t have thought that the change ups would have caught me by surprise, but they do.

So stay on your toes, and I’d usher distractions out of the room the first few times you do them until you’re used to it.

Turbo Jam also offers a 3T video. I had no idea it was all strength training, but I’m sure glad I bought it!

The 3T workout is complimentary to both bands and free weights, though I should probably warn people to really pay attention to the strength of bands -- don’t go too easy.

Having more than one band is probably a really great idea, or learning how to loop it to add resistance is a great idea, as she switches from Tri’s, which can be difficult to Biceps, which tend to be easier, in a heartbeat.

Just coming off of a round of P90X, also from Beachbody, this was a fun way to take a break while still burning those calories. I’d rate it a B+!

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