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Trying to win the girl...

by Christian Hoggan

First time a girl took notice of me I was 19 years old. At the time I was 96 kgs, morbidly obese, and I really wanted her to like me so I worked like crazy to lose weight.

I asked around how to do basic cheap workouts. Got myself a pair of dumbbells and just started doing what they said and what I thought would help (dumbbell fly, bench press etc..).

Also supplemented this with sit ups and runs in the morning at 5 am around my local park for around an hour.

I also cut my dietary intake to the very minimal was pretty much barely eating but maintained 3 meals a day and supplemented with multi vitamins, fish oil, health drinks.

Towards the end I was doing free weights (dumbbells), sit ups, push ups, etc.. 7 times a day.

I started out at around 15 reps each time for 3 cycles each session towards the end it was more like 50 reps per cycle.

Hurt like hell the first few weeks and the hunger pangs were intense but every time I just thought about the girl and could keep going. Eventually it just became normal routine and it didn’t hurt anymore.

I think I averaged a loss of about 200-500 grams a day and towards the end of one and a half to two months I had lost nearly 30 kgs.

I don’t think I would end up doing it again as it turned out it didn’t work out with that girl and within 3 to 6 months I was back at around 80 kgs.

I started working out later about a year after this but for the right reasons. Had a friend who’s friend was a gym instructor and did weights properly.

Now I’m around 78 kgs but a lot buffer than before and I have a girlfriend that appreciates me for who I am.


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Note from Dr. Dan


It's great to be in shape, but to be successful it really has to be for yourself, like you point out in your article.

If you are just doing something because of what others think you're not likely to be successful in the long run.

Dr. Dan

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