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Trying to get back to shape after a baby

by Mitun

I had my two lovely babies. When the older one was two and a half and the younger one just about 6 months, I decided that enough is enough and now I just had to get back into shape.

My husband and I were already training in salsa for about 2 weeks then. My instructor let me know that there's an aerobics class held every morning there. So I decided to join.

Full of enthusiasm, I attended the next day, in new track pants and tees, old trainers brought out and cleaned, all set to lose my flab.

The instructor was thin as a reed. She, too, apparently started aerobics to lose her post-delivery weight and said a lot of supportive things to me like, "keep at it", "don't lose heart", "your tummy will be flat in no time", etc.

The class started with warm ups which I had no issues with. Then started the aerobics, which was high impact, full of vigorous movements and forms which I struggled to understand.

But, I was told, even if I can't get it right, or can't continue, I should at least march in place.

So, I could not and did not stop for the next 45 minutes. My pulse was racing, my head reeling and I was dizzy, but no stopping!

By the end of that time I was ready to drop exactly where I was standing. But the ordeal wasn't over yet.

There were abdominal exercises on the floor, a bit of yoga and stretching, as a part of the cooldown. I did go through the whole routine without a complaint and after that came home feeling proud that I had at least started my journey towards a better shape.

My pride lasted only till the evening. By the afternoon I hit the bed and slept like a log, after rubbing anti-inflammatory balm on my legs and hips. I could barely walk for the rest of the day.

I discontinued the class, went to a store, picked up home-videos and workout at home now, at my own pace and convenience. I combine yoga, pilates, aerobics and some weight training and it is working very well for me. But I'll never forget that one day of aerobics class.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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