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Trained as a boxer but never actually fought

by Art

I noticed there was a boxing gym near where used to live. I was passing by and decided to join since I was and still am a boxing fan. This I did when I was about 17 years old, about 20 years ago.

My training supposedly was in order to become or try to become a boxer, so I went through the whole regimen that was for beginners.

At the end I never actually fought anybody but it was definitely exhausting.

I would start with some warm up “shadow fighting,” jump rope, then start off directly with the punching bags, one after the other, each one with different weights and sizes. I finished up with some pull ups, neck exercises and crunches to “cool down.”

This whole routine took about an hour or so to finish it, divided just like in a boxing match, 3 minutes of endurance and 1 minute of rest in between.

I can say I was in very good physical shape at that point in my life.

The difficult part was to start gaining stamina, not just hitting the bags and everything, but since it’s mostly aerobic exercise lots of oxygen was needed. I got the hang of it very quickly.

It was the first time I actually did “real” training for any sport, since I have an average size body, not so tall, not so skinny, not so big.

I got ripped easily. It was the first time I noticed a six pack, my shoulders were cut, almost everything in proportion, and besides that it created quickness and punching power in me.

Mentally it boosted my self esteem. I felt awfully confident. Besides, I was still young, and not so stressed from work or anything.

There were a couple of trainers who would guide us in every session, and they would push everyone to their own limits.

There were always a minimum of 3 to 5 people at the same time training. At it’s fullest the gym would have about 12 people, considering it wasn’t that big of a place.

At the end of each session I was literally soaked, like if I jumped into a pool or something.

I lasted about a year or so that time, five days a week. I had to leave for a while and returned to do the same regimen a couple of times later.

Each and every single session I was able to finish still with energy to spare. I felt stronger, more confident at the end.

An injury in my left arm made me leave for a while, but eventually it healed.

Nowadays, twenty years later to be precise I haven’t gone to that routine again. I couldn’t emulate my performance from back then anyways, but I wouldn’t mind trying at least.

I still do some exercise every now and then. I do some weights, but it just isn’t the same.

In my personal opinion this type of exercise can do wonders for anybody. If you think aerobics are a little boring, weightlifting a little slow, then give boxing training a shot. You don’t actually have to be a boxer or fight at all, but it will give you a different essence of a workout.

Just a basic tip, have a medical checkup before starting this or any other physical routine.

To your health.


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